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Fresh Local Voice For Harrison Ward

Eli has a history of advocacy on local matters affecting the Wyndham community. He has worked in government, and corporate organisations in sectors such as Taxation, IT, Finance and Education across Africa, United Kingdom and Australia.

A Point Cook resident, Eli Muse is committed to working for the best interest of our community. He is focussed on:  


  • Creating programs and initiatives to empower our youths

  • Uniting our diverse communities

  • Improving community safety,

  • Advocating for more schools and libraries in Point Cook, Williams Landing & Truganina for our growing families,

  • Maximizing the benefit of the visitor economy to Wyndham by developing a tourism product and promoting our art, heritage and attractions

  • Advocating for safer bike lanes and cycling infrastructure to diversify our city transportation and reduce congestion, 

  • Smart sanitation solutions for a cleaner city.

  • A debt-free council

  • Accelerating small businesses growth and heralding the rise of startups.

  • Attracting business investments to Wyndham to boost local employment

With an educational background in Engineering, and postgraduate at Melbourne Business School, he aims to use his experience to develop strategies to address social, economic and cultural problems in the community, and champion proper financial management and governance in Council.

Eli co-founded Kulture Hive along with community members to provide a platform for youth engagement and have since assisted hundreds of people including youths and migrants into jobs, others into self-employment and continues to unite the community through social cohesion programs. He co-founded a co-working space in Williams Landing to support freelancers, small business owners and startups in the community and also contributes to the Wyndham City Learning Portfolio committee as a member.


Eli acquired a license to organise TEDx talk in Wyndham as he aims to use the platform to share unique stories and ideas from our Wyndham community to the World. 


This year going forward, our council will be focusing on rebuilding our local economy due to the impact of COVID on small businesses, local employment and our social lives.

We need young, agile and committed leaders with a fresh voice like Eli Muse on the council to centre on our growing families, our youths, local jobs, sustainable growth and infrastructure.



Advocacy for more schools and libraries in Point Cook, Williams Landing & Truganina to cater to our growing families and population. 

Sustained funding for 15 hours of kindergarten per week, upgrade and digitisation of our libraries to adapt to the diversity of our learning needs.

Transport & Parking

Reduce bottlenecks and encourage further mode shift away from private cars and towards cycling, walking and public transport.

Improve our transport network, advocate for safer cycle ways and more cycle infrastructure. 

Arts & Tourism

Position Wyndham City as vibrant destination with exciting events and attraction. Develop a tourism product,  employ marketing and strategic partnerships to increase visitation and maximize the benefit of the visitor economy to Wyndham.

Uniting Our Communities

Rapid change in our city's ethnic diversity brings challenges with disharmony between newly arrived groups and established communities. I will work to broker connections and understanding across our multicultural groups.

Reduce Rates

High council debt means higher rate for rate payers. Our council is highly leveraged compared to councils with similar population size and growth rate.

Youth Services

Support for our youth services and youth focussed community organisations to enable continuous innovation of programs and initiatives geared at empowering our young adults, improving metal health and encouraging youth civic participation.

Local Jobs

Development of initiatives and partnerships to attract business investments to boost local employment. Advocacy for disability friendly jobs.


Smart bins installation in our parks. Smart sanitation solutions for a cleaner city. Further study into waste reduction strategies to achieve a green and circular economy.

Bigger bins for bigger families.

Smart resident app for collection date reminders and hard waste collection booking.

Free assisted bin collection for people living with disability. 

Community Safety

Increased funding for local crime prevention and intervention initiatives and work with community volunteers and groups to support delivery.

Open For Business

Reform of non-performing business initiatives and development of new initiatives to accelerate small businesses growth and herald the rise of startups. Forge partnerships to create a strong ecosystem to support micro and small business growth in Wyndham.

It is time to demand radical openness at our councils. If it can't be done say why If it can be done say when!

Together, we will build a community we can be proud of, lead our economic recovery and hold our state government accountable on promises yet to be fulfilled.

It is time to demand radical openness at our councils. If it can't be done say why If it can be done say when!

Eli Muse