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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Wyndham is home to around 17,350 active businesses:

  • 68% are either currently home based or do not employ staff

  • 30% employ 1-19 staff

  • 2% employ 20 or more staff

Around 25.6% of Melbourne’s western metropolitan businesses are based in Wyndham.

There is enormous potential within the micro and small business segment in Wyndham to grow and create local employment opportunities for residents.

Current council programs initiated to support local business are yet to get traction with the business community due to low turn out and participation.

In my first year in council one of my key priorities is to propose an overhaul of existing council business initiatives and replace non performing programs with fresh programs that will be installed in consultation with the micro and small business community.

Rebuilding our local economy would take centre stage to help our community adapt post Covid. Focus will be on businesses operating in Wyndham with strong potential to grow revenue and create local job opportunities.

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