The WynTour Plan

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

How can we maximize yield from our visitor economy to rebuild our community POST COVID-19?

With a value add at $261.8 million there is no doubt that there is more potential for tourism to be a major economic driver for the City of Wyndham.

Current report indicates visiting friends and relatives is a key driver of visitation to Wyndham.

In Wyndham, the value added by tourism is estimated at $261.892 million. This represents 2.6% of total value added by all industries.

Issues & Opportunities

  • A significantly lower percentage of domestic visitors to our city ate or dined out as part of their visit compared to visitors to Melbourne and Western Melbourne.

  • The Visitor Survey found that almost half of all visitors would visit Wyndham again for nature-based and outdoor activities.

  • Avalon Airport proximity to Wyndham City presents a key strategic asset and driver of increased visitation to the City of Wyndham. The growth in domestic arrivals through Avalon Airport as well as future international arrivals through AirAsia X will provide a significant opportunity for tourism growth in the City of Wyndham.

In Council I will be:

  • Committed to ensuring we maximize the many valuable tourism opportunities available to our City,the community and our committed local tourism industry operators.

  • Pushing for development of a suite of product and experiences for Wyndham and increased investment in marketing and promotion of our city attractions to increase visitation

  • Reviewing poorly accessed sites for improvement, and existing sites due for renovation, paths and events on the coast through strong planning and facilitation.

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